Full Moon Faerie Circle

It was a Saturday in August, when the Sun was in Leo and the Moon was in Sagittarius building up to the full moon and it was a time for the faeries.
In the garden under the beautiful shade of the jacaranda tree a circle was made from its branches, sticks and twigs and a collection of spiral shells, snail shells and wish stones, there were flowers from the garden collected in a vase and crochet rugs at its centre, with toadstools marking the elemental quarters.

Mugwort, damiana, lavender and passionflower were blended together to make a magik faerie herbal tea, strawberries were laid out on vintage china along with delightful raw cacao treats. The scene was set – today we are having a faerie circle!

Faeries love beauty, they love nature shown off in all its splendor and I was sure this circle would tickle them pink!

I wanted to honour the presence of the fae in our lives, to say thank you for the gifts of inspiration, magik and silliness they add to life.

A circle was cast and faerie blessing sticks were woven to bring the beauty of nature in to our homes and the presence of the fae.

We began with crooked sticks collected from the garden and wound them with ribbons and hung them with strings of gems, bells, seed pods, bones, shells, beads and crystals and much love! Mid way through our craftiness we had to dash inside as the rains came and blessed the circle so we carried on inside well into the afternoon.

I left the circle open for the days leading up to and of the full moon. In its centre the crochet was swapped for an offering plate for the faeries along with all our crystals and other things left to soak in the moon – and rain! Such a magical space to dance in :)

Funnily enough the lawn mower man randomly came while the circle was still in place and I watched him from the window stand befuddled in front of the circle with his hands on his hips as he shook his head in dismay, but he lingered there a little while, maybe some faerie inspiration of his own caught him - and then he proceeded to mow around it!

Blessed Be



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