Dark Moon - Letting Go

Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, New Moon

Sooo my lovelies,

There have been some trying times in these parts, some sadness and loss and grief to knock a girl off her center. 

The Dark moon was this week so i decided to celebrate with a wee ritual.

The house was cleansed and blessed and then i opened the magik circle.
The ritual involved visualising what it was i wanted to release and let go of, what does it look like, what does it feel like and then i wrote it on a scrap of paper and set it on fire - darn Arian fire energy had the whole thing a flame before i could even pop it in the cauldron and yikes it burnt the altar cloth and wax went in my tea ha ha but how i laughed and laughter truly is the BEST medicine :)

I then drew in the energy i wanted to replace what is let go of by speaking aloud with meaning and drawing the words into my being; words of transformation, acceptance, peace, love, joy and play.

Dark Moon Altar
An amazible Tarot spread with some serious major arcana action was then read and my beloved mesa - medicine bundle was opened for some love and mediation.

The ritual ended with a releasing of the ashes and waxy tea into a new garden bed to be planted into, some journaling and the closing of the circle.

blessed Be


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