Handmade Wonder Shop

OH MY SQUEEEE!!! I have opened an Etsy shop!!! YAYAYAYAYAY :)

I have wanted to do this for years and have had so many blocks in the way and boom i have done it and yippee!!

You can take a peek at it over here - 

It only has one item in it at the moment but i couldn't put it off any longer, no more delay, no more fear taking over everything. I can't wait for perfection and a million items and all my postage dilemmas sorted, i just have to start where i am and so i have and it feels wonderful. 

I want to share with you a story about my little self and her shop dream which came about when i was maybe 5 years old. My big sister, whom i idolised owned a shop called 'Pick a Wish' it was all pink and red and full to the brim with craftiness and handmade love and she ran workshops from there too! I was so inspired i turned all my toys into a shop display and i had friends come over to buy from my shop! I don't think i ever sold anything but i remember being very chuffed at my mini 'pick a wish' store! 

Which is reminding me of the last unit of my uni arts degree which required me to develop a plan for my future arts practise.

I designed an art centre, not a lofty institute but an Art for your Heart centre where the community could come. An open space for everyone, people full of creative energy and even people who believed they couldn't draw stick figures - lets celebrate those stick figures, i want an exhibition full of them one day!!! There was a workshop space for classes and an exhibition space, a cafe full of yum and a shop space full of handmade goodness. There is a herb garden and even space for energy and holistic healing to take place.

Now I think about it, my sisters shop inspiration must have sat quietly inside my heart all that time for my Art Centre sounds like an extended version of it! 

Even though this lil Handmade Wonder Shop is online i feel like it is going to help me take a step closer to my Community Art Centre dreaming and i feel like my inner child is super impressed that she has a shop of her own - Yay! Thank you my lovely big sis for the inspiration, mwah mwah mwah! 

Big art love and brightest blessings



  1. Seems like your Etsy shop is temporarily closed, but we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of magic and inspiration you’ll bring back from your adventure in Bali. Keep the imagination alive, Sarah! It’s people like you who bring color and life to the world. More power to you!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

    1. Hi Clint!
      Thanks for the Art Love and taking the time to leave a comment! Sorry my reply is so late in coming, I have been having a tricky time configuring different comment aspects but seem to have a handle on it now :)