A HOMEage to Love

Sun in Aquarius, moon in Aries

Hello Possums,

Yesterday was the last day of our Kurb Gallery exhibition 'curious object' that i was apart of with 10 other beautiful, talented women. Wowee!

I created six pieces for the exhibition all dedicated to my husband Ray, they were inspired by love and explorations into 'home'.
'Where I Lay My Hat That's My Home' was a vintage hatblock that i bought and altered from the lovely  CopperAndTin on Etsy and a talented wood working friend carved into it to create a space for a handfelted cat in a hat! The base of the hat block is from the base of our old couch, the inside of the hollow is from our cats pink blanket and the yellow ribbon around the top hat was a small piece left over from our wedding ribbons. The pink hat is from the 1970s and was sourced at my favourite vintage store MoMos. The piece was inspired by the love i have for my cat and the time we spend with him. My love and i made up a little poem one night about a cappy hat happy cat, it was very dorky and i am a big fan of celebrating silly! 

 'Home is Where The Heart Is'
 uses a Queen Anne bed side table that i had as a girl.

'There's No Place Like Home' includes a quote on the wall from an Australian illustrator Kate Knapp. There is a local flower shop near our home and they sell cards by her company 'Twigseeds', i love her use of colour and sweet drawings - they are so heartfelt and true. One quote I fell in love with was included in this piece - "two hearts knitted together with love can never be pulled apart" i have included it within the teapot, written on a small piece of envelope paper from the first letter Ray and I received addressed to Mr and Mrs Kilgariff! The wallpaper interior was from our home and miniature knitting filling the room - My love believes i'm going to fill the world with knitting and crochet!

       'Home Sweet Home' uses a salvaged letterbox from the tip that my love helped put back together for me, inside is a depiction of a picnic - one of our favourite pasttimes. The tree is made of twigs from our blessed Jacaranda tree in our backyard and there is mini bunting in honor of our wedding. 

 'ET Phone Home' is a handmade ceramic telephone. Inside is a miniature model of the tin string phones i would play with as a kid, the Peas label has been made also using the paper from our first envelop - Thank you Uncle Allan, sent all the way from Wyoming USA!

'Home is Whenever I'm With You' has been made using a coconut from the Maldives. My sweetheart proposed to me in the most romantic way i can think of and this piece is in honor of that most special  day. 
Ray and I were holidaying in the Maldives and we went to a deserted island for a picnic and some snorkeling - it was the most beautiful coral reef i have ever seen; like a finding Nemo wonderland, oh my it made my heart sing! While i was snorkeling Ray vanished.. i panic naturally as he is accident prone and has probably been eaten by something somewhere! Thankfully this is a love story so he pops up on the other side of the sandbank exclaiming he has found something! We go to have a look and he tells me how he has always loved me and always will and i look at the beach ahead of us and there is giant writing in the sand "what are you doing?" I cry, and walk all the way to the beginning of the writing in disbelief just incase it says 'Happy Picnic Day!' It instead makes my heart soar like a sea bird 'Marry Me Sarah!' - Note the cheeky man has not posed a question but an exclamation - with a coconut as the dot! I just plop into the sand in tears as he gets down on one knee and there nestled in that coconut is the most stunning ring that Ray designed himself wowee! And the rest is history!

In the making of these artworks i have learnt a lot about home, it is not a place to store our things as the dictionary states but a feeling in your heart.
So this is for you sweet husband, thank you for friendship and love stories and silliness and inspiration, love from your little faery at the bottom of the garden.

Blessed Be xxx


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