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Hello out there,

Thought i would share my latest finished felted peice 'CreativiTea' with your lovely selves, following on from the post 'wooly Love'

Whilst drinking beautiful rosehip and hibiscus tea one can't help but be in awe of the colour of the tea bag, especially if colour is your thing any way. I began collecting my used tea bags at work for a "one day i'll try dye with them" idea.

I used an old aluminium pot that is nasty to cook in but excellent for dyeing and is now only used to dye. 

I measured my dry felt and used the same dry 
weight in tea bags. I brought the pot of water to the boil and then added the tea bags and left it to bubble away for about an hour, i used a mordant of alum to help get the dye to  um dye! The colour of the tea dye at this stage was beautiful!!

The felt gets popped into the pot and i let it simmer away in there for about half an hour.
Then popped out of the pot, shaped back around moulds and left to dry, the combination of boiling dye and not rinsing has made the felt very hard so it has kept its shape beautifully.

CreativiTea - Superfine Merino, recycled handle,
recycled silk fibre, tea bag string, tea.
I was a wee bit disappointed with the end result at first. The colours are very muted and it was a wee bit of a disappointment upon first inspection as i was expecting the bright red of tea.
I attached a sun bleached teapot handle from a broken tea pot that lives in my yard and adorned the handles of the cups and pot with fair trade recycled silk fibres from Nepal, that i had bought a couple of years ago not knowing what i would use it for only that i loved them! 
CreativiTea - Superfine Merino, recycled handle,
recycled silk fibre, tea bag string, tea.
The silk transformed the piece for me, i could finally appreciate the earthier tones and i felt the whole piece as a shift for my creations - to start exploring earthier tones in contrast with the bold colours i usually choose.

I'm looking forward to seeing 'CreativiTea' in the exhibition space this weekend! Yay :)

Brightest Blessings


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