Eggciting, Eggstraordinary, Eggstravaganza!

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn


Whilst playing in the garden recently with my beloved cat i looked upon the nest sculpture that now lives in my backyard and noticed that the winter grass had begun to grow within it! The nest was becoming a part of the garden, i was delighted and the cherry on top was the discovery of a family of mushrooms growing around the nest, "the nest has been blessed by the faeries!" i declared and something within shifted.

It has been three and a half months since i completed the nest and it has taken me that long to actually appreciate the sculpture. I realise i haven't even shared the process, final creation or the exhibition and so with renewed love for the creation i will take some time to do so now.

Well i will begin at the beginning i guess...
Mew inspects the frame!

A talented arteest friend welded the framework for the nest for me while neighbours, friends and my love and i scouted for beach rope and debris! 

One such adventure led us North along the WA coastline to Lancelin
Lancelin tip.. i feel a scavenger hunt begin!

Piles of ropes and rubbish where then sorted, sifted and then woven into the framework bit by bit
A cat's tick of approval
Getting to go to the site of the proposed exhibition and choose the sculptures final location was such a thrill! I chose to place the nest under a Weeping Peppermint Willow, a favourite tree, meant to be!

Chickens lay eggs... i must be a chook then!

Laying the merino wool top layers over a pre felt batt

Weirdy Beardies!

                        Final layers of colour above.
        To the right shows the wool covered in netting - i used tulle, but you could used curtain net too. The whole piece is then wetted down with warm soapy water to begin matting the fibres.
Netting is then removed once all the wool is completely wet and begun attaching

Bound in plastic and into a tub, this egg weighs a tonne! It took my amazing super helpful neighbour and me to carry the darn thing! Where did we carry it you ask - To the Laundromat for a spin!
Thump, thump, thump in the machine and tah dah.. one shrunk felted maybe egg. The white plastic is the resist that was once inside.
The Egg I Felt...

Sandy Beach Sculpture Exhibition 2011

The description for the exhibition brochure read;

You can take nothing with you but you leave a lot behind. The piece deals with the issues of home, connecting to the land, weaving local and discarded materials, a space to incubate dreams into fruition. I once had a dream about an egg that i needed to find a home for, when i noted the dream down the following day i spoke of the feeling the dream left me with and wrote... The egg i felt. In this age of discard and debris, where do we belong?

The nest sat in the garden mostly avoided and ignored by myself and jumped on, attacked, clawed and rubbed by Mew! But now maybe as the grass grows, toadstools spawn and it becomes one with my blessed garden i will come to interact with it less from a space riddled with the criticisms of the mind and approach it more from a heartfelt space of contemplation.

Good night friends may you dreams be filled with your own eggs!

Blessed Be


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