These Three

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus, Full Moon tomorrow

Ola Art Lovers,

Having a reminiscent moment of nine years ago when i jumped out of my square and began working in a funky little restaurant called Santa Fe Restaurant in Subiaco. At the time i was finishing my Visual Arts degree and living by myself in a run down tiny house and trying to figure out myself and the world.. flash forward 9 years and here i am living a life filled to the brim with love, magik and art - dreams really do come true it would seem! 

To celebrate Santa fe is kindly holding a mini art show called 'These Three,'  three paintings i created to commemorate Art, Love, Magik and this little place where it all began in Perth's yummiest Mexican restaurant! 

Love Spells


Acrylic on Recycled Canvas

Sometimes prayers written in ink and wished to the moon come true.
Love Spell is a celebration of such occasions.

A month or so before i became a waitress at Santa Fe i went into the colourful carefree heart of Freo and whilst wandering aimlessly through a variety of hippy stores I decided to get my tarot read, i have no idea why, nor had i ever had this done before, but little did i know at the time but the reader i was to see was a very gifted man called Dallan who does not often have a free spot - as popped up for me rather serendipitously that afternoon. 
Anyway the reading was a wonderful spiritual moment for me and its magik has never left me. Many profound things were spoken of like the meaning of my life, my future colourful arts practise, and rich spiritual life. Randomly - but maybe not - Santa Fe of New Mexico was brought up that i would go there for my art and also that a true love was just on the horizon..So funny when there i was standing in the doorway of the Santa Fe restaurant just before my first shift! 
One night when the moon was big and round i wove a love spell and reached out not to anyone in particular but instead to the person my heart and spirit longed for.
Little did i realise he was there already managing the Santa Fe Restaurant waiting for me too!
This painting is a tribute to that spell, to my love and to the first rambly conversation we had one night at the restaurant about our love of Salvador Dali and the universe.

Let Life Be Like a Butterfly


Mixed Media on Recycled Canvas

Millions of Monarch Butterflies migrate to Mexico this time each year and fill the trees with colour, beauty and transformation.

My heart longs to Travel to Mexico to see the butterfly migration, it happens around this time of the the Day of the Dead, like all the spirits of our beloved transforming like the butterfly and i feel like i too have transformed! 

Curious little side note - i knew i wanted to add monarch butterflies to the painting and in discussion my the clever husband of potential materials to use he suggests some dried autumn leaves i had on an altar - so after an evening of experimentation i made butterflies leaves - too cool! I think i might share the process in a future post if any one is keen? 

Viva La Vida


Acrylic on Recycled Canvas

Inspired by this time of Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead and Mexican Surrealist Frida Kahlo.

The last thing Frida painted were the words Viva la Vida – Live the Life.

Throughout my arts education since high school i have studied Frida Kahlo. I love her personal, intimate, colourful explorations of life through dreamy self portraits, bless her and the magik time of the Day of the Dead held in the beginning of November.

So my loves go enjoy some mucho delicioso food and enjoy some art love all works are for sale too - yippee!

Blessed Be


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